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Blog Posts & SEO Articles:

If we were a restaurant, this would definitely land the “Chef’s Specialty” spot on the menu! We have years of expertise in SEO copywriting for SaaS, technology, and software companies. 

Depending on your goals, we’re open to writing both short and long-form blog posts.

Reach out if you’d like help with attracting new visitors to your website and turning them into leads through engaging blog content.

SEO content
SEO content

Email Marketing

What happens with boring, bland emails with unengaging subject lines? That’s right. They end up in ‘Trash’ or as sad, old messages with bold taglines, that were never destined to be opened and given a chance.

You don’t want your emails to share their fate.

We will help you create transactional emails with taglines that make your messages stand out in clients’ mailboxes. Regardless of whether you need an engaging onboarding email sequence, want to create well-written announcements or updates, or want a nice intro to your newsletters – we’ve got you covered!

Landing Page Copy

Are you looking to attract potential customers to a specific webpage? Do you want to create a landing page for a service or product, but don’t know how to write informative, customer-friendly copy?

We’ll help you write landing page copy that makes your website visitors want to keep reading.

Remember: life’s too short to use weak messaging (and lose potential business!).

SEO content
SEO content

Website copy

Website copy can make or break a business. The risks are just too high to be unsure whether your messaging reflects the services you offer!

We’ll make sure the copy on your website is not only powerful but also a pleasure to read.

The long term benefits? More engagement on your website, lower bounce rates, and a whole array of lead nurturing campaign opportunities across your entire site. Plain and simple!

Read about how we can also support you in content strategy on our Content Marketing Services page.

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