Looking for a way to break through
into the podcasting world?

We write podcasts for one of the world’s most renowned ad agencies.
Let us help you launch yours.

If you're thinking about starting a podcast, here's what we offer:

Topic Research

We conduct research that helps exhaust the podcast topic

script for solo podcasts

We do not provide podcast writing for interviews and panel discussions

new episode announcement email

We provide the content for your episode announcement emails

new episode social media copy

For each new episode, you’ll get the copy for social media announcements

How does creating the podcast work?

Step 1

We agree on the topic for the episode and conduct topic research

Step 2

We propose the podcast content direction (a list of key areas that will be discussed in the episode)

Step 3

We write the script for the episode. Once you accept it, it is ready for production!

We offer
podcasts on...


Sales & Marketing

Customer service

...and more!

The benefits of making your own podcast

Gain new audiences – picture reaching people listening on the go through platforms like Spotify and iTunes.
Make information more personal and easier to consume.
Find a new lead generation channel and boost your brand's discoverability.
Improve your revenue – acquire new customers and land podcast sponsorships.

Ready to create your own podcast?

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and goals. We offer a free 30min consultation.