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How to Give Voice to NPS Detractors With HubSpot Tools and Survey Data

We all love receiving positive feedback from customers. There’s nothing quite like getting that confidence boost and warm feeling that you’re doing your job well and helping others succeed. Read more...


How to use personalization to boost your marketing in 2019 ​

Are you familiar with the expression “the Amazon experience?” With their suggested products, top lists, and curated categories, Amazon is able to provide customers with fully personalized product recommendations, like no other. Read more...


How to use surveys at every stage of the funnel to drive a better CX

You know that pleasant feeling when you walk into your local cafe and the waiter greets you as if he’d just seen a dear friend, leads you to your favorite table, and asks you if you’d like “the usual”? Personalization is not a new concept, though only recently has it become the standard customers expect from digital services. Read more...

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How to pitch your idea to a CEO

If you met your CEO in an elevator and said, “Hi James, I have this revolutionary idea I can’t wait to tell you about”, and James said, “Oh really? I have 30 seconds, hit me.” Would you be able to pitch it to him? Read more...

Ditch FOMO, Embrace JOMO

It’s 7 AM on a weekday. You reach under your pillow to turn off the alarm clock. Since you’re already holding your phone, you decide to quickly check your email to see if any early bird customers or work colleagues have sent you anything urgent. Read more...

Designing for the Arab User — Basic Arabic UX for Business

As a translator with +10 years of experience (English, Arabic, and Polish), as well as former startup employee responsible for FMCG product database development, I can’t help but notice an apparent underrepresentation of the Arab World when it comes to content and user-centered design. Read more...

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Growbots Homepage

The Only Platform You Need to Fully Automate Outbound Sales. Prospecting and outreach in one place. Read more...


Fitqbe Website

Keep your employees longer Build a strong organisational culture focused on employee appreciation and reward to boost employee engagement. Fitqbe is an all-in-one employee wellbeing platform which combines gaming and social networking with a multifunctional benefit marketplace. Read more...

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