Our story goes back to 2018…

… when we both started working at a SaaS startup as content marketers, just a few weeks apart from each other. We were the newly-found content team of two (a setup that ended up being our trademark ;)). To say we clicked would be an understatement. You know how once or maybe twice in a lifetime you meet someone who can literally read your mind and finish your sentences? Well, that’s what happened with us – we understood each other perfectly.

While working full-time, we also kept receiving questions on LinkedIn from B2B brands looking for freelance content help. At first, we treated it as a side gig and supported a few Polish tech brands. But the more inquiries we got, the more certain we became that we were onto something bigger.

The CEO of the company we worked at validated our gut feeling, telling us there was a huge gap on the Polish market for what we offered and that we should do it full-time. That’s what we did, and our former employer became our customer.

Within the first several months as Contentki, we partnered up with some of Europe’s best tech companies including LiveChat, Netguru, and UXPin. Shortly after, we also entered the US market, now supporting brands like HubSpot and Remote.

So far, we’ve helped 30+ companies grow through content and build brand awareness.

We cover a variety of topics, including:




Product design & UX

Software development


Twice the brainpower, twice the creativity,
twice the speed of delivery

Critical thinking

Sometimes we argue with each other while working on a project, but we always agree on the right course of action. This is impossible for freelancers who work solo. And the end result for the client is always well-thought-out and polished.

Complementary skills

We both worked as full-time marketers in tech before becoming freelancers. But our expertise goes beyond marketing. One of us worked in sales, while the other was part of the product team. We understand how content fits into the broader business puzzle.

High work ethic

We always deliver on time and constantly stay in touch. We prefer to overcommunicate than undercommunicate. 


Work dynamic

Clients are impressed with our discipline, productivity, and passion.

Two people writing and proofing each content piece

Yes, you read it right, we write content together, but you’d never tell.

What customers say about us:

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