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SEO Content & Pillar Pages


The powerful environmental benefits of remote work

A deep dive into how remote & hybrid work are reducing the global carbon footprint, affecting urban planning, and instilling a sense of responsibility for the planet.

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I Took a Deep Dive Into ASO Marketing. Here’s What I Learned.

In this article for the HubSpot blog, I share the ins and outs of effective app store optimization marketing. On top of my own experiences, I also spoke to a few seasoned ASO experts and shared their unique advice.

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How to build and manage an effective product development team

Here's an SEO article we've written for UXPin on DesignOps. As of Q2 2024, the article ranked in the top 10 results in Google for the "DesignOps" phrase.
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The only playbook you need to maintain high customer engagement

A content writing & strategy project for LiveChat. Our work involved not only creating the guide, but also extensive research to identify a content gap and boost the chances of outranking competitors.

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Computer vision without code

For Levity, we've written a series of articles on how AI is revolutionizing today's business. In this piece, we focus on one of its most exciting subsets – computer vision.

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Feeling Overwhelmed? Discover Effective Stress Management Techniques

This article is part of a broader New Year's Challenge marketing campaign for lifestyle brand Fabletics.

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SEO content for startups

All you need to know about usability testing

For LiveSession, we created two content clusters (pillar page & six accompanying articles). Here's an example of a cluster on a competitive SEO phrase –"usability testing".

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All you need to know about online reputation management

For SentiOne, we’ve created an entire content cluster on online reputation management. We were responsible for identifying article topics, writing the content and optimizing it for over 35 SEO keywords.

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Content for Popular Media Outlets

SEO content writing

How to Give Voice to NPS Detractors With HubSpot Tools

HubSpot requested content on NPS detractors, even though the search volume for this particular phrase was practically non-existent. It did, however, nicely address the content gap on their blog.

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SEO content writer

How to Use Personalization to Boost Your Marketing

As part of cooperation with ImpactBND, we created an article, where we talk about the use of personalization to improve the effectiveness of marketing efforts. It includes a lot of practical knowledge.

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SEO articles for tech

How to Use Surveys at Every Stage of the Funnel to Drive a Better Customer Experience

For Marketo, we wrote an article on using surveys at every stage of the funnel to drive a better CX.
It's filled with various practical tips, which readers can implement immediately.

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SEO content

Designing for the Arab User – Basic Arabic UX for Business

For FreeCodeCamp, we created a unique resource on Arabic UX design. We are proud to say that it's the most comprehensive piece on the subject out there – and has been in the top 3 global search results since 2017.

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Website Copy

Content writing services for SaaS

Growbots – Homepage

Homepage copy for Growbots, a leading outbound sales platform.

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SEO article

Worksmile (prev. Fitqbe) – Homepage

Homepage copy for wellbeing platform Fitqbe, now known as Worksmile.

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