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SEO Content & Pillar Pages

SEO content for startups

All You Need to Know About Usability Testing

For LiveSession, we created two content clusters (pillar page & six accompanying articles). Here's an example of a cluster on a competitive SEO phrase –"usability testing".

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SEO articles for tech

Survey Questions: Types, Examples and Free Templates

For Survicate, we created hundreds of SEO articles. Here's an example of a piece that ranks highly in Google (overall, it ranks for 70 SEO keywords).

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SEO article writing

All You Need to Know About Global Poverty in 2020

For Altruisto, an open-source extension that helps eradicate global poverty, we created a content cluster targeting the SEO keyword "poverty", along with other relevant phrases.

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SEO content

Designing for the Arab User – Basic Arabic UX for Business

For FreeCodeCamp, we created a unique SEO resource on Arabic UX design. We are proud to say that it's the most comprehensive piece on the subject out there – and has been in the top 3 global search results since 2017.

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SEO articles for tech

Survey Data Analysis 2020: Step-by-Step Guide with Pictures

Here's an SEO article we wrote for our friends over at Survicate. The piece has been ranking in Google in top 10 search results for two years straight now.

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Content for Popular Media Outlets

SEO content writing

How to Give Voice to NPS Detractors With HubSpot Tools

HubSpot requested content on NPS detractors, even though the search volume for this particular phrase was practically non-existent. It did, however, nicely address the content gap on their blog.

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SEO content writer

How to Use Personalization to Boost Your Marketing in 2019

As part of cooperation with ImpactBND, we created an article, where we talk about the use of personalization to improve the effectiveness of marketing efforts. It includes a lot of practical knowledge.

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SEO articles for tech

How to Use Surveys at Every Stage of the Funnel to Drive a Better Customer Experience

For Marketo, we wrote an article on using surveys at every stage of the funnel to drive a better CX.
It's filled with various practical tips, which readers can implement immediately.

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Website Copy

Content writing services for SaaS

Growbots – Homepage

Homepage copy for Growbots, a leading outbound sales platform.

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SEO article

Worksmile (prev. Fitqbe) – Homepage

Homepage copy for wellbeing platform Fitqbe, now known as Worksmile.

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